Ben Chikkaswamy - President and Chief Executive Officer
Ben Chikkaswamy is a recognized business leader with a proven track record spanning over a decade. Ben has a rich and varied experience in the management and business areas of the construction and recycling industries. He has built BIG from the ground up as a successful and environmentally conscious firm.

His technical experience includes project development, project implementation, project scheduling, quality control procedures, bid preparation, and sales. His management experience includes developing relationships with strategic and channel partners, suppliers, and vendors. He is single-minded in his pursuit of excellence, focused in his search for strategies and solutions to the many problems he routinely encounters.

Ben’s passion, zeal and integrity inspire those associated with him to be winners. He is committed to doing what is right for his customers, and employees. He also possesses a very active social conscience and as a corporate leader makes frequent contributions to society in general.
Bangalore Chandraiah - Vice President, Scrap Metal Division
Bangalore Chandraiah is well experienced in the day to day operations, and sales & marketing of non-ferrous metals and commodities. His responsibilities include project and people management, coordinating and enforcing standards and procedures, and performing commodities market analysis. He is responsible for his division’s customer relationship.

In the field of construction his responsibility includes planning and development, project management; contract preparation and negotiations and market analysis.
Thampy Varughese - Vice President, Scrap Metal Division
Thampy Varughese is a seasoned professional in the field of Quality Management. His responsibilities include managing all BIG contract Quality Control programs, review submittals, review materials and equipment, prepare QC reports, schedule and review mock-ups, on-site and off-site testing, and project safety plans. His responsibilities also include day to day operations, and sales & marketing of non-ferrous metals and commodities.

Mr. Varughese received a Masters Degree in Chemistry with B.S. in Physics and Mathematics from Bhopal University, India.