Since 1995 Beltsville Industries Group has bought and sold ferrous and non ferrous metals throughout USA and the world. We have two scrap metal trading divisions- Big East Metals is located in Norfolk VA and East Coast Metals located in Capitol Heights, Maryland. We pay highly competitive prices. We believe that a satisfied customer is a repeat customer.
Beltsville Industries is primarily involved in the collection and trading of ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals. We collect industrial scrap and unused scrap, and surplus materials and process it into reusable forms and supply the metals to our various customers. We recycle all types of quantities, from a few ounces to hundreds of tons of metal. We also recycle used auto batteries.    
We provide one of the most comprehensive product offerings of both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals. We buy (but not limited to)    
Copper: Pipes, Wires, Insulated Wire    
Brass: Valves, Water meters, etc    
Aluminum: Extrusions, Cans, Sheet, Cast, Poles, Pipes, etc.    
Stainless Steel    
Automotive Parts    
Alloys - Carbon steel, Nickel Alloys, Specialty Alloys    
Forged and Rolled Steel    
Nickel, Silver, cobalt, etc    
Used Automobile Batteries.    
We pay highly competitive prices.    
We have two divisions at two different locations- Big East Metals is located in Norfolk VA and East Coast Metals is located in Capitol Heights MD.    
We export a substantial tonnage of scrap metal to international markets; this includes, but is not limited to China, and India.    
BIG East Metals    

Bangalore Chandraiah

731 Rugby St, Norfolk VA 23504

Phone: 757 623 5555

Fax: 757 623 5050


East Coast Metals LLC    

Thampy Varughese

1015 Ritchie Road

Capitol Heights MD 20743

Phone: 301 808 8090

Fax: 301 808 8052

Now more than ever, recycling has a major impact in the world that we live. At BIG we strive to recycle as much as possible so as to have a positive impact on the environment. We believe that recycling is indeed very essential to the community in the present and for the future.